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Me at Special Edition: NYC this past weekend :)

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Fire edit/picture by Harrison Braley from sacscosplay 

Taking a little break from cosplay and enjoying my weekend. Playing this beastly game and I have to say the graphics are ridiculous. These are snapshots I took in game with my PS4


Australian Cosplayer Scene Alert: Bryce Dulaurent

At SMASH! over the last weekend, one Bryce Dulaurent (Blackiichann) was posing as a cosplay interviewer. During these interviews, he would act lecherously - an example of this would be his asking for a kiss on the cheek, then turning to kiss them as they did so, turning an already gross and pressured experience into a sexual assault. 

During these interviews, he would also ask extremely inappropriate questions on topics such as the cosplayer’s sex life and whether cosplaying got them laid - this also extended to him requesting sexual acts from cosplayers. When requested to stop with inappropriate questions or mentioning relationship status, he would ignore the requests and continue. He would also pose for photos with cosplayers and proceed to grope the cosplayer he was posing with. He would deliberately stand with his hand just above the cosplayers bum or chest when posing with them. 

You can see in the second attached photos that this was one of the videos he posted, which he was or is also looking to post to a YouTube channel. However the original Instagram preview has since been removed after he claimed they “weren’t assault”.

Reports around the con scene have made it known that he’s also done this at Sydney Supanova. As the 2014 Vice-Convenor of AVCon, I suggest if anyone sees this guy at any conventions, you immediately report him to staff or a higher officer of the event to have him escorted off site and/or contact the appropriate authorities. If you experience his behaviour and you are willing to do so, you can also submit an incident report to the event organiser.

All Australian cons have been alerted to his behaviour and are in discussion for how to make Australian cons a much safer place from people and behaviour like this.

Here are his accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bryce.dulaurent
Instagram: http://instagram.com/blackiichann
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZd1Bj2dI6-9GLlTKFDUv8Q/feed

Seriously, be respectful and learn how to talk to women. Shit like this isn’t cool. Women cosplay because they enjoy it. They don’t do it so they can get harassed in the process. 

"Merida" Brave Cosplay by pugoffka-sama

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R.I.P Robin Williams. I grew up on all his movies and his death will forever make the world incomplete. 

Just to add because this is hitting me hard right now….As much as everyone has heard already about Robin Williams passing it really bothers me a lot. I grew up on a lot of his movies and he was literally my favorite actor. To see someone, who has put smiles on millions of faces, pass so suddenly is really something. It brings tears to my eyes to see him go like this and I really hope that there is a better place we go to after we die because it would be comforting to know he’s at ease and enjoying himself right now. 

Black Cat Cosplay by RyuuLavitz 

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Monster Hunter, Blademaster Jinouga/Zinogre armor by SuWan

Photography by EBK


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Can we talk about Kakashi becoming Legendary again? (I colored this in btw) So yeah did anyone else think this was long overdue?

Serana Cosplay (Skyrim) by NunnallyLol

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Queen Elsa Cosplay by Usagi-Tsukino-Krv

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Jinx Cosplay by Lanmeimeia

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